The Bike I Like

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An Inspiring Love

I grew up immersed in creative language. My mama wrote poems and songs about whatever inspired her. One song has stayed with me my entire life. It is about animals going about life contently, no matter the state of their circumstances. The chorus taught, "So be content with what you have, with whatsoever state you find you're in. And God's great love from heaven above will find a way to bless you once again." 

It was no surprise when Mama came to me with an idea for a children's book. "Becca, it's called The Bike I Like. The first lines are, 'This is my bike, the bike I like' and on every page something new is added to the bike. But I'm not the one to write it." I had a feeling she meant me, but I didn't feel inspired. I just smiled and nodded.

Several months ago, I received a call from Mama. Her doctor explained that her mammogram scans were worrisome. As she communicated this devastating news, there was a contrasting contentment in her tone. I was reminded of the sweet song she sang to me as a child: "So be content with what you have, with whatsoever state you find you're in." There she was, living it. Contentment.

I hung up the phone and wrote nearly the entire book in 30 minutes. A few weeks later, I received another call. Cancer. I finished the first draft that night.

A Wild Ride

The Bike I Like is about a little boy who is content with his bike until he looks at others' bikes. Discontent creeps in as he alters his bike one piece at a time in an effort to be like everyone else. A wacky climax reveals his regret and desire to have his original bike again. 

Aren't we the same? And don't we see our children struggling as well? "If only my hair looked like hers"..."if only I had this thing"..."he's so talented and I'm not"..."I'll get these last 30 pounds off and then...I will be content." It is a wild goose chase to find contentment that way. Mama was right.  

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